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This is a short update on three things that have to do with Israel (I have always maintained that Israel is God’s prophetic time clock) and what may well turn out to be Biblical prophecy in the making. Most folks I know don’t have access to various sites and publications having specifically to do with either Israel or her neighbors in the Middle East. Most certainly seldom hear about these things on the tele and the evening news.

Bottom line is that the Middle East is the toughest neighborhood on the planet and whatever happens there will not stay there. It will eventually escalate.

I have reported in the past that the ancient Sanhedrin—religious ruling class during the time of Jesus first advent, has been reconstituted after nearly 2000 years. In 2004 this once august body was reborn from the ashes of history and it was done in the very same city that it was disbanded from hundreds of years ago—TIBERIUS on the Sea of Galilee. Obviously today the nation of Israel is run by a secular government and it remains to be seen whether or not the SANHEDRIN will ever be able to recoup it’s once awesome power—headed up by a modern day High Priest. But there is a huge push for a third Temple to be built on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and the interest to do so is increasing daily—throughout the world— as is pressure for it to happen.

Nearly all of the Biblically prescribed garments for the priestly class have now been replicated by the Temple Institute as have many of the implements once used in Temple sacrifice services. Also the corner stone for the next Temple has been carved and awaits construction. But, in order for the Sacrifices and other religious practices to happen, a very specific animal is required; A pure red heifer!

None has been found in the past 2000 years. A pure red heifer must not have more than two discolored hairs on its entire body, cannot ever have been bred and cannot have been used for any kind of work. NOW, the big news is that officials in Israel believe they have found a baby calf that fits the requirements. Only time will tell but looking at this from a Biblically prophetic stand point if this heifer continues to qualify, there will be even more pressure to build the next Temple.

Obviously NOT a popular idea with several million Muslims living in the Middle East, not to mention throughout the world.

On another front what was originally thought to be nothing more than grand standing by the new Sanhedrin—a counsel of 71sages, is suddenly becoming more relevant by the day. First, one of the things they have accomplished is to study and determine the original 50 year cycles of what is called the JUBILEE. More on that in other articles but this is yet another biggie that was prescribed by God during Moses day. And now they have it.

Lastly today, I just came across a fascinating article printed in BREAKING ISRAEL NEWS that speaks once again about current activity by the nascent Sanhedrin. Their leadership has now reached out to various countries—at least 70 to travel to Israel and join in a musical concert next to the Temple Mount. This was to take place at the beginning of the Hebrew month of Elul which tradition says was the day of earths creation 5778 years ago. In Jewish tradition the “nations of the world” are represented by 70 nations. Also tradition holds that the stone upon which the world began was also located  beneath the two prior Temples that stood on the Temple Mount in ages past. The first having been destroyed by ancient Babylon and the second by Rome.

During this concert, the musicians took various breaks during which time The modern day KOHANIM (Jewish male descendants of Aaron the High Priest) mounted the ramparts in full priestly garb and blew blasts from both SHOFARS and SILVER TRUMPETS that have also been prepared for the next Temple.

Of interest is that although representatives of 70 nations did not show up, the following three did. Honduras, Mexico and Guatemala. Not too long ago NO GOVERNMENT would have shown up for something like this but once again interest is building. A trickle I would grant you but all three countries did show up plus they sent HIGH RANKING delegations who’s members signed an agreement recognizing that they had responded because they were answering a call by the SANHEDRIM of Israel with the goal of eventually establishing a new Temple.

If we couple all of this with the United States recently recognizing Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel, also beginning to end financial support to the Palestinians as well as portions of the United Nations—this is big time stuff!

I encourage everyone to really pay attention from this point forward to anything and everything happening in and around Israel—God’s prophetic time clock..

In closing, at this moment the Israeli Defense Forces are preparing for possible war with both Hamas on the Gaza strip and Hezbollah on the north. And have you noticed that over the course of the last year, Israel has launched dozens of attacks against Iranian forces attempting to gain a foothold near Israel’s northern boarder in Syria?

The Biblically prophetic clock ticking!

God bless,
Pastor Rance.

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