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About Pastor Rance's Teachings.

Rance believes and teaches that the Holy Bible is God’s infallible Word and stresses the importance of expository teaching. His passion is study and teaching Biblical prophecy as it applies to todays world. Over the years of his ministry, the Lord has blessed both he and Brandy to take the Gospel to areas of the world including the United States, Mexico, Canada, Malaysia, India, Liberia, Russia, Poland, White Russia, Ukraine, Jordan and Israel. ALL GLORY AND HONOR TO JESUS CHRIST.


Pastor Rance Cook

Pastor and Author

Terrance Cook is an author and the now retired senior founding pastor of International Disciple Training, Inc. (IDT), a missions organization that has, over the years, spanned work in 5 countries. He has also founded three churches the last of which is SIMCHA fellowship. He has 33 years pastoral ministry experience and now writes full time. Prior to serving the Lord, Rance served 18.5 years in civilian Law Enforcement and 24 years in the USMC. Rance is happily married to Brandy who is his best friend and ministry partner. She is also the founder of COMFORT ISRAEL. Their precious son is Santiago, a true gift of God.


Brandy Cook

Golden Podcast Voice

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As the Lord leads you...

Rance does not solicit funds to operate his ministry. For many years he offered tax exempt status through organizations he has led. As the world changes rapidly so do the expectations of “POLITICAL CORRECTNESS” (PC). Rance’s articles have been read by people in over 100 countries, some of whom are now threatening to remove tax exempt status from organizations who teach the Bible exactly as written. For some folks the Bible represents a threatening challange to certain life styles and things like abortion, drug abuse, political persuasion and other issues the Bible identifies as harmnful to human existance. While always being aware and sensetive to the feelings of others, Rance refuses to water down the Word of God for the sake of tax exempt monetary donations. Having said that there are some people who appreciate the work of this ministry and occasionally send funds to support our work. For anyone choosing to do so you may contact us through the following address. But please remember no tax deductions are available. More importantly, we would also love to hear from you just to say hi and we sincerely appreciate your prayers. Pastor Rance Cook 826 Orange Ave #619 Coronado, California 92118